The COVID pandemic has forced many of us to rethink how we do our jobs.  One thing we have learned is that it is possible to do good, effective therapy by video conference.  Research has shown that teletherapy can be as effective as in-person therapy. Our patients have expressed a high degree of satisfaction with teletherapy as well.

As we have begun to return to our offices and offer in-person therapy again, many patients continue to find it helpful to have the option to do some or all of their sessions remotely using our HIPAA-secure video conference platform. Many of our therapists are now providing the option of in-person or teletherapy sessions.  Some have returned to in-person only, and some continue to do only teletherapy.

Teletherapy sessions can also have advantages.  For example, they can allow your therapist to be “present” with you as you practice CBT techniques in your home or in other settings.

With the recent creation of the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact we are now able to offer teletherapy to residents of 34 states.

Teletherapy may not be appropriate in all situations.  If you are interested in starting teletherapy, please contact our New Patient Coordinator to discuss this option.

Both our Washington, DC  and Bethesda offices offer teletherapy, our experienced Psychologists are committed to delivering exceptional care.

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