Admissions Testing

If you are considering enrolling your child in an independent school in the Washington, D.C. metro area, they may be required to complete admissions testing. Capital Institute’s team of licensed clinical psychologists and associates offers comprehensive admissions testing for independent schools at our Bethesda office.

What is the Purpose?

Admissions testing are aptitude tests that evaluate a student’s ability to perform and can help determine whether your child has the cognitive and behavioral skills necessary to succeed in certain independent school environments. Results may help with both entrance and class placement for private and public schools with Advanced Placement programs. Additionally, admissions tests can help predict future educational success and can identify special needs that may better help your child succeed in school.

What to Expect

During the testing process, your psychologist will provide a 90-minute initial clinical interview to gather background information and learn more about the presenting problems that are affecting your child. Information is also typically gathered from teachers and other individuals involved in the day-to-day life of the child. Testing usually takes place over the course of 1-2 full days.

During admissions testing, your child will participate in a series of activities that assess multiple areas of cognitive ability such as memory, language, critical thinking, problem-solving, verbal communication, reasoning, and perception. Once testing has been completed and all collateral information reviewed, the psychologist will write a full psychological report explaining the findings and providing treatment recommendations.

Following testing, we conduct a feedback session to review the results of the assessments and explain our recommendations. Of note, intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are not valid if your child has already taken one within the last year. Most independent schools do accept previous test results, but this is important information to confirm before completing the enrollment process.

Preparing your Child

Your child will be asked to participate in a series of tasks that assess their cognitive, language, and behavioral development. There is no preparation or practice needed ahead of time. To help prepare your child for their testing day, encourage a good night’s rest, be sure to eat breakfast, and bring a small snack and water/juice they can have during a break.

When discussing the appointment with your child, you should tell them they will be coming to the office to do “activities,” such as putting blocks together and looking at pictures. If your child wears glasses in school, please have him/her wear them for testing. Additionally, medication should be taken just as on a regular school day.

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