Patient Forms

Before your first session, you will need to review and sign important notices and forms.

If you have signed up for our Patient Portal, you can conveniently complete the forms there.  

Alternatively, please review the following forms:

Then please download, print and sign these forms and bring them to your session:

Patient Portal

Our patient portal allows you to send secure messages to your therapist, see your statements and make payments, complete forms and measures that can save time in session and allow your therapist to track your progress and receive session reminders.

  • To set up a portal account, contact your therapist or the Practice Manager at 202-234-0903 ext 6.
  • To log in to the patient portalclickhere.

News & Updates

Explaining CBT to Children

Maria Hays | May 28, 2024

Getting children to agree to therapy can be challenging. They may not see the benefits, feel it won’t work, be embarrassed, have had a bad experience before, think they don’t need help, or feel forced. To help, try to explain CBT in a relatable way.
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Psychological Testing and Assessment: A Quick Guide

Maria Hays | May 8, 2024

Capital Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers comprehensive testing and assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults in our Bethesda, MD office.  
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