Some problems are best addressed with more intensive treatment.  This can be the case when someone is experiencing a crisis that has disrupted their day-to-day functioning or has put them at risk for self-harm. Intensive treatment can also be helpful for long-standing chronic challenges that have not improved with standard once-a-week therapy.

We have the ability to custom design intensive treatment programs to meet specific needs.  Treatment can range from 2-5 times per week.  For complex issues, we can put together a treatment team consisting of a lead therapist who is responsible for planning the program and additional therapists to assist with specific tasks.  We have locations in Washington, DC, and Bethesda, our Psychologists are dedicated to delivering outstanding care.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

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Explaining CBT to Children

Maria Hays | May 28, 2024

Getting children to agree to therapy can be challenging. They may not see the benefits, feel it won’t work, be embarrassed, have had a bad experience before, think they don’t need help, or feel forced. To help, try to explain CBT in a relatable way.
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Psychological Testing and Assessment: A Quick Guide

Maria Hays | May 8, 2024

Capital Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers comprehensive testing and assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults in our Bethesda, MD office.  
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