Some problems are best addressed with more intensive treatment.  This can be the case when someone is experiencing a crisis that has disrupted their day-to-day functioning or has put them at risk for self-harm. Intensive treatment can also be helpful for long-standing chronic challenges that have not improved with standard once-a-week therapy.

We have the ability to custom design intensive treatment programs to meet specific needs.  Treatment can range from 2-5 times per week.  For complex issues, we can put together a treatment team consisting of a lead therapist who is responsible for planning the program and additional therapists to assist with specific tasks. 

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

News & Updates

Emotion Regulation DBT Skills Group Begins March 28th

Blog Post | February 13, 2023

We are excited to announce that the next session of our popular Regulating Emotions, Distress, and Interpersonal Relationships (REDI) Program will begin on March 28th.
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LGBTQIA+ Teen Teletherapy Support Group is Currently Accepting New Group Members!

Blog Post | January 9, 2023

We are excited to announce that our Q Support Group is currently forming!
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