Learn CBT: Self-Study Program

Led by Leading Voices in CBT

This course is led by leading voices in the field of CBT including Stefan G. Hofmann, PhD; Jacqueline B. Persons, PhD; Stephen J. F. Holland Psy.D; Lata K. McGinn, PhD; and Steven D. Hollon Ph.D.

The Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a self-paced course that includes video lectures, hands on activities, role play videos, and resources that you can start using right away with your patients. There are knowledge checks within the course for you to test your understanding of each section and contribute towards achieving CE credits.

Stephen J.F. Holland, Psy.D., A-CBT

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A Look Inside - Introduction to Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

This course is divided into four modules including an introductory and summary module. Each module contains knowledge checks for you to test your understanding of the material. At the end of the course, you will find a final exam for which you must pass with a 75% in order to receive CE credit.


  1. CBT Guided by a Case Conceptualization
  2. Therapy Relationship Process and Structure in CBT
  3. Behavioral Interventions
  4. Cognitive Restructuring

Peer & Editorial Reviews

  • ‘Not only is the content is great, but the audio, video, length and format are excellent.’

    Dr. Ari Ortega, Centro de Psicoterapia Cognitiva