How Group Therapy Helps

Engaging in group therapy provides the chance to glean insights from individuals who have uncovered effective strategies. These group sessions serve as valuable platforms for enhancing relationship skills and offer a readily accessible and cost-effective way to acquire new coping techniques.

Below is information on our current group offerings:

Our Q-Support Group: A semi-open, ongoing teletherapy interpersonal process group committed to providing a secure and inclusive environment for adolescents to receive support from their peers within the community. Within this group, participants engage in discussions about self and community advocacy, processing the effects of prejudice, enhancing interpersonal communication, and addressing various aspects of personal growth.

This group empowers teenagers to:

  • Foster connections and both give and receive support within the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Enhance their ability to provide and receive constructive feedback.
  • Develop effective coping strategies for life’s challenges.
  • Address the impact of prejudice.
  • Improve their interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Strengthen their relationships with others.
  • Delve into how cultural identities influence their interactions with people.

The Building Social Confidence Group: A skills-focused, experiential, in-person group designed to assist individuals in breaking free from the constraints of social anxiety and enabling them to establish meaningful social connections. This group convenes every Tuesday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Members of this group will acquire the ability to:

  • Master cognitive skills to reframe anxious thoughts.
  • Confront and navigate anxiety-provoking situations.
  • Practice engaging in social interactions.
  • Cultivate the skills and confidence needed to actively participate in social situations.

REDI Group

Our Regulating Emotions Distress and Interpersonal Relationships (REDI) Group will begin in October 2023. The goal of this group is to help individuals in their journey to improve control over their emotions and mind, gain agency in their world, and lead a life worth living. The material covered in the REDI Program is based on an effective, research-based therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

This group covers skills from a variety of domains including:


Tolerating distress

Regulating emotions

Effectively navigating interpersonal relationships

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