Because the therapists at Capital Institute collaborate effectively as a team, we are well-equipped to address the intricate dynamics often associated with family life.

In certain situations, individual therapy may be complemented by including couples sessions with another therapist, or couples therapy may prove more effective when one or both partners are engaged in individual therapy. Parents can benefit from sessions designed to guide them in providing optimal support to their children, and children may find individual therapy helpful in coping with the ramifications of their parent’s marital issues. Furthermore, we are capable of assisting parents and adult children in enhancing their relationships.

We recognize the value of consultations between therapists, always with the consent of all family members, to coordinate treatment and facilitate family meetings. Additionally, we are open to collaborating with therapists outside our practice who are working with your family members.

Similar to our couples and relationship therapy, all our family work is LGBTQIA+ affirmative.

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