Dr. Holland Elected to Board of Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Dr. Stephen Holland, the Director of the Capital Institute for Cognitive Therapy, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

The Academy of Cognitive Therapy was founded in 1998 by Aaron Beck, MD, the originator of Cognitive Therapy, and a group of prominent educators and clinicians.  The mission of the Academy is to provide certification for therapists with the necessary advanced education and skill to provide expert-level cognitive-behavioral treatment.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has grown in popularity due to the strong evidence that it is effective for a wide variety of problems.  However, studies have found that up to half of therapists who claim to provide CBT do not follow empirically supported treatment guidelines.  Certification by the Academy is one way to allow consumers to be assured that a therapist has the necessary knowledge and training to provide high-quality therapy.  In addition to certification, the Academy provides training to professional clinicians and supports research and dissemination of empirically supported treatments.

Dr. Holland was one of the Founding Fellows of the Academy.  In becoming part of the Board of Directors he joins a group of highly experienced cognitive-behavioral therapists who have made major contributions to the development and application of this treatment approach.  Dr. Holland is also one of only two clinicians in Washington DC certified by the Academy as a Consultant and Trainer.