Siam Job, M.S.



Siam Job, M.S. (Extern) is a PhD Clinical Psychology student at the George Washington University. Their clinical and research efforts are geared towards protecting and promoting the mental health and well-being of marginalized individuals. Their clinical experiences have focused on assessment and treatment of mood, anxiety, and trauma disorders and crisis intervention for those with acute suicidality or serious mental illness in community mental health settings. As a therapist, Siam prioritizes safety, humor, and authenticity in their work. They move through spaces in accordance with these values, seeking always to understand others with grace and an appreciation of their experiences. Practicing according to feminist psychology’s principles, Siam aims to redistribute power in the therapeutic relationship by supporting clients in defining what wellness means to them and co-creating the pathways to get there. Building on their Masters-level training in cognitive-behavioral approaches to psychotherapy, Siam operates from a strengths-based, existential approach and works alongside clients to build their self-love, self-efficacy, and distress tolerance as they create meaning of their life events. Valuing autonomy and appreciating clients as the experts of their own lives, Siam works alongside clients to help them question unhelpful and inaccurate beliefs that have perpetuated across their lives, and supports clients in creating and rehearsing new beliefs that reflect a more accurate, less hurtful picture of their existence.


Washington office
1729 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009