OCD Awareness Week: October 8-14, 2017

October 8-14 has been designated as OCD Awareness Week by the International OCD Foundation.  Events include the Inaugural OCD Capital Walk here in Washington DC, Saturday, October 14.

OCD affects about 1 in 100 adults.  There are as many children in the US with OCD as there are children with diabetes.  OCD can emerge at any time from preschool to adulthood, but most commonly appears between ages 10-12 or in late teens/early adulthood.

OCD is a serious condition that can have a profound impact on people’s lives, affecting their school, work and relationships.  It is not just a personality quirk, nor can people with OCD simply “will” themselves to get over their anxiety.  

The good news is that effective treatment is available for OCD.  About 70% of patients with OCD benefit when treated with therapy and/or medication.  However, finding mental health professionals who know the empirically-supported treatments is not always easy.

OCD is one of our areas of specialization at Capital Institute.  All of our therapists are trained in the form of therapy that has the most research support, known as Exposure and Response Prevention.  We are able to tailor this treatment to the individual needs of our patients.  Many patients benefit from once a week therapy.  However, when OCD symptoms are more severe, we are able to offer intensive treatment involving multiple treatment sessions per week.

For more information about OCD treatment, call our New Patient Coordinators at 202-234-0903 extension 15, or complete the request form on our homepage.