Mindfulness Stress Reduction Group Starts Mid-February

We are currently accepting new members for our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Group.  This 8-week group will meet Thursdays 7:15-8:45 PM, beginning mid-February

The benefits of mindfulness in promoting health and well-being have been demonstrated in a growing number of research studies.  In this experiential group, members will be guided through basic mindfulness practices that can help reduce stress and improve quality of life.  Participants will have the opportunity to practice skills in a supportive environment and share their experiences with other members.  No prior experience necessary.  

People who may benefit from mindfulness training include those struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, physical pain, and attentional difficulties.  The skills learned in this group can help you cope more effectively with strong emotions, better manage stress, and facilitate decision-making.  Additionally, mindfulness practice helps people attend to positive emotions and increase their enjoyment of daily life.

For a flyer with more information about the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Group, click here.

To get more information or to set up an appointment to talk with one of the group leaders about whether this group could be helpful for you, call 202-234-0903, ext. 15, or fill out our request form: