New Anxiety and Depression Skills Group Starts April 17

We are currently accepting new patients for the Behavioral Skills Module of our on-going Anxiety and Depression Skills Group.

The Anxiety and Depression Skills Group teaches core CBT skills that have been shown in research studies to help reduce anxiety and improve mood and quality of life.  We offer this group in eight-week modules, each focusing on a different set of skills (Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional Regulation).

The Behavioral Skills Module will teach the difference between behavior patterns that maintain depression and anxiety and behaviors that can alleviate symptoms.  Then, you will learn specific skills for identifying personal patterns you want to change, setting concrete, incremental goals, boosting motivation for taking action, and implementing these new behaviors with consistency.  For a flyer with more information, click here.  

To get more information or make an appointment for an initial evaluation for this group, call our New Patient Coordinators at 202-234-0903, ext. 15, or fill out our request form: