New Groups for Fall, 2017

We are currently planning our group therapy schedule for Fall, 2017.  Groups we expect to offer include Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and our Cognitive Skills Group.  A large and growing body of research has shown that learning mindfulness skills can be an excellent way to manage difficult emotions and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Cognitive skills have been shown to not only reduce symptoms in the short run, but to help maintain gains long-term and improve quality of life.

Research has shown that group therapy can have many advantages.  Groups are a cost-effective way to learn skills that can reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Group members support each other and can learn from each other’s experience. Often members come to realize that they are not alone in the struggles they face. Interaction with other group members may be a good way to practice skills and get feedback, particularly for interpersonal issues.

We expect to have the fall group schedule finalized by the end of August.  To get more information about our groups, call our New Patient Coordinators at 202-234-0903, ext. 15, or fill out our request form: