Coping with Crisis Teletherapy Group

We are currently accepting new patients for the Coping With Crisis Teletherapy Group.  This group is on-going.  New members are welcome to join at the beginning of each month.

What does it mean to “cope” when we live in a world of multiple crises?  How do you keep from being overwhelmed when there are real threats, nothing seems stable or certain, and we all have so many reasons for fear, anger and grief?

These are trying times. There’s the COVID-19 pandemic, increased focus on racial injustice, violence in our streets, deep political divides, natural disasters made worse by climate change.  It’s no wonder recent surveys find high rates of anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders and other signs of emotional distress.

As many others, you might be struggling with intense negative emotions.  Perhaps you are fighting despair, battling low energy and motivation, feeling stuck, or finding it difficult to quiet anxious thoughts. You may also be finding some of the ways you try to cope make you feel worse.  

In this group you will have an opportunity to meet with others and share your experiences of crisis and stress.  Together we will explore ways to cope in these challenging times.  You will learn proven techniques for staying realistic, dealing with uncertainty, establishing moments of peace and calm, and finding meaning, purpose and maybe even joy in the face of adversity.  

The group will be lead by Dr. Pooja Datta and Dr. Rick Raymond and meets by video Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 PM.  New members are welcome to join at the beginning of each month.  We encourage all members to attend at least 8 sessions to get the full benefit from the group. All group sessions will be held virtually on a HIPAA compliant, secure platform.

As a service to the community we are keeping the cost of the group low.  The fee will be $50 per session.  

For the group brochure, click here.

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